Membrane BioReactor (MBR) Modules

"We adsorb your process problems and catalyze your productivity"

SUEZ’s Immersed ZeeWeed hollow fiber, reinforced membrane provides customers with high-performance, energy efficiency, and proven membrane life. The ZeeWeed 500 membrane family gives customers the flexibility to treat any flow rate, from ultra-low flows to mega MBR plants

  • Highest solids tolerance of any hollow-fiber membrane
  • Works through virtually any raw water quality change or upset
  • Outside-in flow path provides a more robust system
  • Fully automated for simplified design and operation
  • Outstanding technology for virtually all wastewater treatment applications – from greenfield plants to retrofits to water reclamation projects
  • Second stage to obtain higher recoveries

With more than two decades of membrane design experience, SUEZ has optimized the ZeeWeed 500 membrane to improve flux, achieve greater permeability, reduce energy consumption, and increase membrane lifespan.

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